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Facts all in favor of economic situation of Pakistan

The growing economic situation of Pakistan

After two of the recent moves by the government, the economic situation of Pakistan is booming like never before. The first credit goes to (R) General Raheel Sharif under whose command terrorism was almost washed out from the country. The second part in booming Pakistan’s economy is played by PMLN.

Terrorism has for long affected the economic situation of Pakistan. Their terror activities made everyone think bad of Pakistan. It was vital to clear the country from dirty-doers and make Pakistan a safe place for all. In his short tenure, Gen. (r) Raheel Sharif did a great job and eliminated the country from a big part of terrorists.

This one step to a better Pakitan boosted country’s economy. The current government is doing the rest. China-Pak Economic Corridor is one of the highly appreciated steps. Ever since its introduction, experts both within and outside are talking good about Pakistan’s economy.

The first 3 years were relatively crucial for PMLN when they’d to build new policies to boost the economy. 2014-15 was considered the worst years viewing 8.5% of unemployment. And the number of unemployed literate individuals outnumber that of illiterate individuals. But 2017, is considered the start of a new journey by experts.

Not only experts from within the country are talking in favor of Pakistan’ growing economy, but externals forces also feel the same. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report showed that Pakistan’s economy could move from number 24 in 2016 to number 20 in 2030 and then at number 16 in 2050. They also covered that Pakistan’s economy is to beat Italy and Canada by 2050 (Purchasing Power Parity).

Where the government of India finds CPEC as a potential threat to their sovereignty, Indian newspapers praised the growing economy of Pakistan. Earlier this month, The Economic Times (Delhi) published an article all saying good about Pakistan to become a hub for foreign investors.

More words on the growing economy of Pakistan comes almost on a daily basis. Experts have a verdict that CPEC is a ‘game changer’ and is one of the top-most reasons in establishing suitable investing grounds for foreign investors.

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