FaceTune can now make your photos more emotional with their new emoji app: Memoji

FaceTune Memoji - Kiss Emoji

Sometimes it’s really hard to express your emotions via a text message, right? So, the best way to add emotions to text is; emoji. And what if that emoji is not a character but you?

FaceTune, is a popular selfie-beautifying mobile app. If you use this app, you already know how to beautify yourself just with a few clicks.

But as of now, FaceTune does more to your face.

The company has recently rolled out a new app which creates emojis of your photos; Memoji. The app works exactly like its predecessor; you take your photo, put it in the app, but rather beautifying it, this time, you make it funnier.

Memoji allows you to transform your photos into 11 different emojis. Here are some of them:

Send a kiss

FaceTune Emoji - Kiss

Show that you’re angry

FaceTune Emoji - Angry

Oh, can’t stay angry. They send love with hearts in your eyes

FaceTune Emoji - Hearts

Isn’t it the best way to share your emotions through messages?

Memoji from FaceTune is available for iOS only and can be downloaded for free. An Android version is on the way.

Did you know Apple iOS 10.2 has new emoji?