Facebook Will Launch New Messaging App Allowing Parental Control On Teens Online Activities

No matter which religion, culture or ethnicity you belong to, the relationship between a parent and their child is uniform despite all diversities. There can be levels of parents being protective about their kid, but it exists unanimously everywhere.

It gets difficult for parents to keep check on their child while he/she is obsessed with social media apps. Facebook is coming to the aid of parents with an app that will allow parents to keep check of their children’s contacts for supervision. The app would just be open to the contacts. Strangers and general public would not be allowed to browse it.

As per the Information website there is a software code in this App that would soon emerge in the market. It would be relief for the parents while the youngsters can easily be offended by the constant check through this App.

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The code found also links this App with current Messenger App of Facebook. What the code says exactly is to talk in a messaging App where the contacts of your kid are completely controlled by you.

Though Facebook has refused to comment on this news but the App would certainly attract the parents once released. As for the teenagers they need to gear up.

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