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Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram will Not be Pre-Installed on Huawei Phones

According to reports, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram apps will not be pre-installed on Huawei phones. Facebooks have stopped its apps from being pre-installed on the Huawei smartphones. So Facebook and it’s subsidiary companies are part of this ban.

In response to the US government action of barring US companies from using the foreign telecom companies it says are security risks, this action was taken by Facebook.

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Those people who already have a Huawei phone and are using the said apps can continue to use them. Updates will also be given to the existing Huawei phone users.

Huawei has as of yet made no comment on this decision taken by Facebook. Now it is pertinent to mention here that the ban is on pre-installed Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps. Users can still download and install them on their own.

But if Google will restrict the access to Huawei phones to its Play stores then the users will not be able to have these apps.

So this is another blow to Huawei after Google said it will not allow the company to use its core Android software after mid of August.

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