Facebook Warning: Of Fake News On British Elections Ahead

Facebook has circulated message to warn British people about the fakes news that can come on social media giant’s platform during the British national elections ahead.

There is still a debate going on in the U.S about Trump victory and the role of social media in the United States, critiques also blamed Facebook, Twitter and other social networks for disseminating false information to affect the voters views.

Now it’s the time for British elections that are not far ahead, June 8, is the day when Britain would set the stage for parliamentary elections. Facebook is being seriously concerned about this event, a good posture for acknowledging corporate social responsibility is highlighted in the British Newspapers.

Facebook is warning masses about the fake news ahead that could reshape the social dynamics during the election. Facebook as urged for the need to spot fake news and report them instantly if they look odd and only share it if you are satisfied with the news story.

“As we are more focused towards tackling fake news and stories, we have developed new ways of identifying and removing fake accounts, that are likely to spread false information on the platform, this way we can get to the root of the problem” Said Simon Milner, Facebook director in the UK for Policy making.

Facebook has suspended 30,000 accounts in France last month before the first round of its presidential elections. Facebook also ran newspapers campaign in Germany to educate people to spot fake news.

Facebook has listed 10 ways to spot the fake news, the advert made the headline “Tips for spotting fake news”. Facebook also reported suspended accounts in Britain that numbered tens of thousands.

Twitter and YouTube are also under a lot of pressure in Europe for removing extremist content, governments in EU are consistently threatening Facebook to make new laws regarding these issues.

Facebook recently, has announced to hire 3000 more editors in the company specifically focusing on dissemination of information on the platform.