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Facebook to Update News Feed for Making Friends a Priority

This Thursday Facebook announced a significant update to its news feed. The update would result in putting up the family and friends above the pages or celebrities in a user’s news feed.

This initiative would result in causing people to spend much less time on the social networking giant.

John Hegeman—the News Feed product manager said that this update would be giving more weight to the social interactions and relationships by ranking the posts in such order.

He further said that indeed this change is a big one.

He added that people would be spending less time on Facebook and we feel good about it as that would make them rejoice and enjoy the little time they would spend on using or scrolling Facebook, which would eventually be good for the business.

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Like a video clip of a celebrity eating out in some restaurant would not be that much desirable for an individual to watch instead of watching his family video posted by the spouse or some close relative.

Hegeman added that we believe that people should interact and that is more important than just the lazy scrolling of the content available on News Feeds.

This update would be one of the most significant ones we have made.

Mark Zuckerberg—Facebook Chief and Co-founder mentioned that bringing people together and making stronger ties within the communities in the real world are the priorities. He added that the news feed update relating the ranking of posts is expected to assist the goal.

The update would be released worldwide in the coming weeks.

On his Facebook page, Mark Zuckerberg said that as the update would roll out people would see less of the public content like the posts from media, brands, and businesses.


And the public content more seen would be permitted on the same footings that it should be such to boost meaningful and healthy people to people interactions.

Twitter, Google, and Facebook have been in a bad light for allowing the spread of false news. Facebook for addressing the issue has brought in many changes. Hegeman told that we are working hard to lessen the occurrence of the bad content availability on the social giant

This news feed ranking update is more about intensifying the content and things people hold dearie.

He quoted an academic research pointing out that interactions with the loved ones are more healthy and important for a person’s wellbeing, instead of just reading news articles or watching shared videos.

Zuckerberg has mentioned that for this year the mission is to “fix” the Facebook, by targeting the abuse and hate content and by ensuring that the time spent on the social giant is well spent and valuable.

Zuckerberg said on Thursday that he is changing the goals given to the product teams from stressing on the need to help people in finding the relevant content to assisting people in having more healthy and meaningful social interactions.

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