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Facebook to Collaborate with the KP Govt.

KP govt.

Facebook is now planning on collaborating with the KP provincial government after Uber and Careem.

Taimoor Saleem Khan Jhagra, KP’s finance minister announced it on his social media.

A delegation from Facebook recently paid a visit Peshawar in order to discuss a potential partnership for the improvement of business opportunities in the city.

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The finance minister said that Facebook has agreed in collaborating with the provincial government so that they could train the young businessmen and entrepreneurs.

To move ahead with this initiative, social media would be conducting the training and consulting sessions with the business community of KP. They will be highlighting the importance of having a healthy online presence.

Facebook would be teaching youth different Facebook tools.

According to Jhagra, a proper inaugural event will be held soon in Peshawar by the biggest social networking site.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would be giving $200 million for the purpose of poverty alleviation in Pakistan.

As per the reports of local media, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between both the parties in New York.

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