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Facebook takes down a profile frame against Pakistani Ahmadis

One of the social media giants, Facebook has announced that the company has removed a profile frame targeting the Ahmadi community in Pakistan. The company said that the step was taken to counter the online hate speech on the social networking platform.

The profile frames are the sort of filters that users can use by adding them to their pictures on Facebook that often promote a cause, celebrate a day, or commemorate an event or tragedy.

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The profile frame which was taken down by the Facebook authorities called for the death of the Ahmadis which was written in Urdu language and was widely shared by the users across Pakistan.

“We [Facebook] have removed the Profile Frames in question for violating our rules, and have ensured that they’re unavailable for future use,” a Facebook spokesperson told AFP via email.

“We do not tolerate any content — including anything shared within Profile Frames — that incites violence, and we remove this content whenever we become aware of it.”

The profile frame was used by a huge number of Pakistani Facebook users after the President of the United States Donald Trump met with some of the members of different religious groups, including a representative of the Ahmadiya community at the White House earlier this month.

As per the constitution of Pakistan, Ahmadis were declared as non-Muslims decades ago.