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Facebook Removes Network of Accounts, Groups, and Pages Operated from Pakistan

453 Facebook accounts, 103 pages, 78 groups, and 107 Instagram accounts have been removed by Facebook. These pages and accounts have been removed over “coordinated inauthentic behavior”.

When Facebook finds domestic, non-governmental campaigns that have some accounts and pages trying to manipulate people through fake accounts, Facebook removes that content.

Facebook said that it found the networks as part of its internal probe into alleged coordinated activity in the region.

The people that are behind it depended on fake account. Some are claimed to be based in India. They post and manage Indian military fan pages and groups

Facebook said, “The vast majority of the accounts, Pages and Groups engaged in coordinated reporting of content and people that were critical of Pakistan’s government or supportive of India, and some engaged in spam.”

As per the investigation by Facebook, the network of pages and accounts that posted mainly in English and Hindi about regional and current news also includes memes and content regarding social and political issues. The content posted included the policies of India towards China, the Indian military, criticism of how the Indian government handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

On August 28th, Facebook shared a portion of this network with the Stanford Internet Observatory. As per the investigation by Stanford this network engaged in heavy reporting.

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A researcher at the Stanford Observatory Laboratory Shelby Grossman said, “This is the first example of coordinated mass reporting appearing in a network that Facebook has suspended.”

Adding, “Group leaders of the troll armies would decide on who to report and push those out to other popular groups and pages. Another unique aspect of this network is how they also developed tools to mass report content, including YouTube tutorials on how to create Facebook accounts and pages.”

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