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Facebook New Test Feature: Download Instant Videos Over Wi-Fi

A new feature is being tested by Facebook that will allow you to download videos without using your data package to download them. This new feature is known as Instant Videos. You can download them while connected to the Wi-Fi and they will instantly start playing when you open them.

The advantages of Instant Videos are numerous. Facebook has put an emphasis on its videos features quite a lot recently. Thus this new feature would enhance viewership and improve video watching experience as they will open up without any loading time. Also as videos would be able to download on Wi-Fi, cellular data would be saved and more people might be encouraged to view the videos.

Maybe, Facebook might even give specific benefits to publishers for developing videos that fit Facebook’s policy.  Facebook has only confirmed this that it is testing Instant Video feature on individuals using Facebook Android App. How it will be launched for all users and where it would appear on the Facebook platform is yet to be seen.

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Those who have space issues on their phone may avoid this feature as videos would eat up their space but those who really want to download certain Facebook videos without using cellular data have now something to look forward to.


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