Facebook New Feature: You get notification if someone uploads your photo

Facebook Inc. announced to use facial recognition technology to notify users of the Facebook when other people upload their photos.

“We are making this feature optional to allow people to protect their privacy, and we realize that the people want to be notified when anyone else uploads their photos on social networking site”, Facebook added in a statement.

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“The people of Canada and the European Union would not have immediate access to this feature because the privacy laws in those jurisdictions are generally stricter, but we are hopeful about the implementation of this feature in those regions in the future”, Facebook said.

Facebook is using the facial recognition technology since 2010 when the social networking sites began showing suggestions to tag the people in a photo by recognizing them. That is also an optional feature to use.

“Facebook is planning to use an “on/off” switch button to allow users to manage all facial recognition related features on Facebook, we realized that it is very important and uncomplicated way to control facial recognition technology”, Rob Sherman, Facebook’s deputy chief privacy officer, said in a statement.