Facebook Might Spy On Users Through Their Phone Camera And Webcam

It is heard that Facebook is working on a feature that would completely intrude the privacy of Facebook users. The rumor is that Facebook wants to secretly monitor and record the users through webcams and smartphone cameras. The reason for this massive intrusion as understood is that Facebook wants to check how users change their non-verbal expressions when they come across different type of content. They will use those expressions to understand how users feel and then develop such content that keeps users more intact to the site.

Let’s take an example. The users see a picture of a friend and get emotional. Facebook can cash on those emotions and generate more pictures of the same friend. Or if a user sees pictures of nature photography and get mesmerized, Facebook would ensure to add more pictures of nature photography in his/her Newsfeed.  

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The patent application was submitted in year 2014 and got spotted by CBInsights quite recently. Facebook says that they frequently seek patents for technology and rarely implement them. They have no intention of implementing the technology. Facebook officials further said that patents do not necessarily indicate future plans.  

This still does not clear the doubt that Facebook just might use this technology. As in year 2014 Facebook secretly carried out an experiment by controlling NewsFeed data shown to the users. This was to check whether the information shown by Facebook can change the moods of individuals or not. The company admitted to it afterwards.

Not just this but last year a picture of Facebook founder was seen covering his webcam and microphone with tape. Now this news, that picture and Facebook’s history makes the whole situation look fishy.