Facebook Messenger improves security, makes message editing possible, and more

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Facebook Messenger is all set to receive several new features that are aimed at improving the security of the platform. Reportedly, the platform is going to receive the long-awaited message-editing feature as well. According to the company, since 2011 the coming update is going to introduce the biggest set of features for Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is set to receive several improvements

On Messenger and Facebook, private chats and calls are now end-to-end encrypted by default. To recover the messages later at some point, users can create a PIN on Messenger. Finally, the platform will receive the ability to edit messages within the 15-minute timeframe.

Meta also changed the way that messages disappear. These days, they are sent and expire after 24 hours. In order to make it easier to identify when disappearing messages have been enabled, the business also enhanced the disappearing message interface. Please be aware that they can only be used for encrypted end-to-end conversations.

Read receipts will undergo a change

In addition to this, changes will also be made to read receipts. In order to improve privacy, Meta will enable users to activate or deactivate read receipts for other users. On the other hand, users will now have improved and more convenient access to photos and videos. Users will now have more control through the fun layouts and improved image quality. The company is experimenting with HD media and file sharing for Facebook.

Voice messages are also improved

Users of Facebook Messenger can now play audio messages at 1.5x and 2x speeds. Additionally, you can continue where you left off. Facebook is aware of the increasing popularity of audio messages. All these new features might take a few months to roll out to all users.

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