Facebook Messenger Ads Soon Rolling Out Globally—WhatsApp Might Be The Next

facebook messenger ads

Facebook has decided to roll out Adverts on it messenger app home page

As part of their strategy to increase advertising revenue which the company is still struggling to achieve its targets, Facebook has tested the advertising feature in Australia and Thailand. Following the tests the decision to expand the feature globally, but Facebook still says it’s in a beta version which indicates that the company might add more tweaks to the service.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg, while addressing his shareholders said, “I expect messenger to become “a big business” in the next five years despite not generating a handsome amount of revenues as yet.”

The predicted the similar expectation from another chat app WhatsApp, but Facebook has unveiled any plans for WhatsApp how the company plans to generate revenues from the app and how it will roll out adverts within the app.

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Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion active users on it, ads will only appear in apps inbox of recent chats for now, not knowing the future but ads will not appear within conversations.

Just like other adverts, clicking on ads will open up a relevant web page allowing a retailer to direct the user to their website.

But there is another interesting part, advertisers would be able to direct users to a conversation within the messenger as well.

Being worried about the advertising revenue, CFO David Wehner said, advertising revenue growth would slow this year; this happened due to less number of visits from the desktop PC’s, he added.

This also indicated that Facebook users are shifting from desktop to mobile like an hourglass. Facebook has realized this opportunity now to target users from mobile apps.

Introducing ads in the products not featured to date would help to address investor’s concerns, he added.

Some bloggers took it differently when Facebook first spoke about taking the whole idea of monetizing the messenger, they thought Facebook might feature it as a customer service tool for the companies, in which they will be able to address customer related issues directly on the messenger.

The idea was to save costs for the companies to set up an AI-powered chatbot, but chatbots on Facebook messenger is still kind of a gimmick

Facebook is testing different ways to make money from its app where a lot of their user base resides currently.

But how users would respond to this move is still to watch……