Facebook is adding a new feature for Reels

In order to compete with TikTok, Meta’s Facebook and Instagram are getting new features to improve the short-form videos or Reels on the platform. Just recently, the company introduced several features that were quite beneficial for creators. One of those features is A/B testing for Reels. This feature will help users increase their audience and exposure on the platform.

You might be wondering what A/B testing is. Well, it enables users to create different versions of the content. The different versions are targeted at different audiences. Such an approach helps users identify the reach and performance of each version. For instance, if a creator creates two different thumbnails for a video, he will easily get information on which thumbnail catches the attention of more users.

A/B testing is coming for Reels on Facebook

Several reasons can be attributed to the low performance of Reels. One of them could be the video derail or the thumbnail. For this reason, Facebook will soon feature A/B testing. It is more similar to A/B/C/D testing. On making a Reel, users will be able to add four different captions and four different thumbnails to the videos. As soon as the content gets posted, each version of the video will be showcased for a maximum of half an hour to different sections of a user’s audience on Facebook.

Following this, the version with a high engagement rate will be chosen by Facebook and showcased on the user’s timeline. It is another way to get information about the thumbnails that grab the attention of the audience. Users will get a performance report for each version of the video.

Some other improvements

Additionally, Facebook is adding a few more features to Reels for creators. On your dashboard, the platform will display how well your Reels are performing. You will be able to do actions on the dashboard, such as hiding or removing posts. The software will also increase the analytics view’s duration from 28 to 90 days. You will therefore be able to view the performance of your Reels over the previous three months.

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