Facebook and Google Were Scammed: A Man Stole $100m From Both Companies

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Google and Facebook have confirmed according to BBC report that they were the victim of alleged $100m scam.

It was reported back in March, when a man from Lithuania was charged over an attack reportedly an email phishing attack against two US-based tech giants, the names of the companies were kept confidential at that time.

The companies were tricked into wire transferring more than $100 million to alleged scammer’s bank accounts.

Fortune, revealed yesterday that those two victims of fraud were Google and Facebook.

The companies were tricked into wire transferring more than $100m to the alleged attacker’s bank accounts.

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Google spokesperson said, “We detected this fraud against our vendor management team and instantly informed the authorities, we recouped the funds and we are happy that this matter is resolved”

However, Google did not reveal that how much money was taken and how much recouped.

Facebook didn’t disclose much of details too, Facebook’s spokesperson said, “We have reversed bulk of funds soon after the incident was happened”

Big companies are always a target

Cyber security firm Avecto told BBC that many employees in large companies think that security is not their area of understanding “But people are part of the best security you can have – that’s why you have to train them.”

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Phishing scams have become much sophisticated and have increased now, In order to stay away from such scams; firms should carefully verify new payment requests before authorizing them.