Facebook gets sued by Blackberry for violating patent laws

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Blackberry is ready to Sue Facebook for allegedly violating patent laws, the company claims that Facebook has infringed its Patent technology. According to Blackberry Facebook is heavily using its previously invented technology in Facebook’s popular messaging applications.

Blackberry’s spokesperson said in an email that popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are using the messaging technology which was originally developed by Blackberry, he said, “We have a solid claim that Facebook has infringed our intellectual property, and after several years of dialogue we have an obligation from shareholders sides to pursue legal action against this infringement.”

Blackberry requires Facebook to stop providing technology to its primary app as well as other applications including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, workplace chat apps and others. Facebook and its companies have created applications that copies Blackberry’s innovation, the features including security, user interface and functionality enhancing features were developed by Blackberry in the first place which played a critical role in its success, said Blackberry in a complaint.

Facebook hasn’t commented on the allegations immediately however, Facebook personnel explained it in detail claiming that in technology companies have to watch other and copy the features this isn’t unlawful, Gmail wasn’t the first email service, similarly, Facebook wasn’t the first and last social media network.

It is true that Blackberry was the first messaging company, its service attracted millions of users in 2000s but Blackberry waited too long to allow phones running on other OS to use Blackberry messaging service. And when the companies took over the smartphone market, blackberry’s success was drowned.

But the case is in the court now in Los Angeles, if you wish to see the proceedings you can refer to the case Blackberry Ltd. Vs Facebook Inc., 18-1844 U.S District Court for the central district of California (Los Angeles). Blackberry has previously won the $814.9 million case against Qualcomm, what the court will decide this time would be interesting to see.