Facebook blocks 31 accounts/pages involved in a campaign against polio vaccination in Pakistan

The Facebook authorities have blocked at least 31 accounts/pages over the involvement in the propaganda against the polio vaccination in Pakistan.

Facebook took this step on the request of the government’s polio programme after a vicious campaign was launched on social media against the polio vaccine.

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Two days ago on Monday, the rumours were circulated on the social networking platforms that a one-year-old girl had died in KP’s city Swabi due to the polio vaccine.

“The Print and electronic media showed responsibility and decided to wait till getting the autopsy report of the deceased. However, an organized campaign was launched on the social media that the girl had died because of the vaccine and people should not vaccinate their children,” a Focal Person to Prime Minister on Polio Babar Bin Atta said while talking to the media channel.

Mr Atta further said that as per the autopsy report, the minor died due to suffocation as a peanut got stuck in her throat. After getting the actual report on the death of the minor, we contacted the authorities of Facebook and officially launched a campaign against the accounts that were involved in the propaganda against the polio vaccination in Pakistan.

He further said that Facebook blocked all those accounts/pages within one hour so that they would not continue their malicious campaign against the vaccination.

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