Facebook and Instagram are restricted from using targeted ads in the EU

Facebook ads

The European Union is tightening its regulations for the use of personal data by businesses. Businesses like Meta and TikTok have had to alter drastically to go by rules and guidelines. According to a recent report, Facebook and Instagram are still prohibited from utilizing targeted ads in the Meta case.

in order for social media websites, video-sharing websites, and search engines to all display customized advertisements. The businesses behind them must gather information about your behavior. They can then display the most relevant advertising to you, increasing the likelihood that you will click on it. This has long been the standard procedure.

The European government has been taking strong action against this and slapping big businesses that engage in it on the wrist. For this reason, users in Europe have the option of using a chronological feed on TikTok. The gathering of user data for the purpose of delivering algorithmically tailored video feeds is prohibited.

Facebook and Instagram are unable to run targeted ads

Facebook and Instagram were temporarily blocked by Norway’s DPA (Data Protection Authority) a few months ago. The agencies prohibited the businesses from exploiting user data to target their advertisements. When this occurred in July, Meta undoubtedly anticipated its lifting.

However, the Data Protection Commission of Ireland (DPC) also intervened and prolonged this restriction. Not only does it have a longer duration, but it also applies to nations like Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, as well as the whole European Economic Area (EEA).

Meta has already declared its belief in an internet sustained by advertisements. For this reason, advertisements may appear on all of Meta’s platforms in addition to others. With European restrictions crippling its ad revenue, Meta had little choice but to launch a membership service.

Recently, Meta revealed a brand-new subscription service for consumers in Europe that will get rid of all Facebook and Instagram advertisements. It will cost you €9.99/month if you join up online, and €12.99/month if you sign up through the app. We don’t anticipate this to change because this is a response to European rules.

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