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Fabricating your CV can get you jailed in UAE

Several job seekers fabricate their resume by adding fake information to grab the job opportunity. According to the UAE’s law, this act can land you in jail.

While applying for the job in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), sometimes employees amend their academic qualification or add years to their professional career experience.

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But the UAE law says that if a person found guilty in such case can face a hefty fine and sentenced three years in jail and/or deportation from the country.

Expats in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should also be careful while submitting their documents including agreements, contracts, education certification, official financial statements, cheques, as well as their validation stamps, currencies, passports, credit cards and company logos.

If the forged-documents submitted are non-official then the penalty could be from one month to three years, but if the forged-documents are official then the penalty could reach up to five years.