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Express Media has launched New English News Channel Today

One of the most popular media outlets in Pakistan the Express Group has proudly introduced a new English News channel today.

The name of the new English News channel is Tribune 24/7, the channel has been launched today the firm confirms it in a blog post.

The channel is the recent venture of the Express Media Group, the company publishes “Daily Express” in 11 cities of Pakistan, “Sind Express” in two cities of Sindh and The “Express Tribune” for Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

The company already own and operate one of the most popular Urdu News Channel in Pakistan “Express News” along with that the company also runs “Express Entertainment” channel. Therefore, “Tribune 24/7” already has a wide range of sources to present news in English in real time.

It’s worth mentioning that Tribune 24/7 is powered by the first digital newsroom of Pakistan, a dedicated team of professionals and content curators is there to produce the content for print and digital platforms.

The Express Media group believes that there is a greater need for English News Channel in Pakistan at this time of globalization where Pakistan has to find its right place in changing social, political, Technological and demographic landscapes. Pakistan needs to communicate effectively to the world in a language that is universal, said the Express Group.

The new channel Tribune 24/7 is committed to introduce Pakistan to the world and present its conviction and clarity of purpose. The channel would portray Pakistan’s perspective and show how people think in Pakistan not just how the government thinks and work.

Its Express Media groups policy that it always covers two sides of the picture in order to eliminate bias and prejudice in reporting and journalism. It would also be the policy of Express 24/7 to cover both the sides of the story without any prejudice so that fair journalism can be promoted, said the Express Group.

We also acknowledge that we are Pakistanis and we operate Pakistani channel which we are very clear about. Our first priority is to protect Pakistan’s and its people’s interest, however, we will highlight the wrongs in the society, we will hold government accountable and above all, we will stand up for the country.