Export Value of Goods from Pakistan to the UK Witnessed a Hype of 30%

Export Value of Goods from Pakistan to the UK Witnessed a Hype of 30% – the total worth of the exports is USD 200 million this October.

Pakistan's export value

The total export value to the UK from Pakistan recorded in October 2020 stood at USD 200 million. This is nearly 30% more than the export of the same month of last year. Previously, the export value was USD 154 million.

Whereas, the import from the UK this October was USD 48 million and it was USD 62 million during the same month of 2019.

This information is as per the data from the Economic Trade and Investment Wing of Pakistan High Commission London.

It is a remarkable achievement where besides the pandemic the export has been enhanced while the imports declined. This shows an increasing demand factor in the UK while the demand in Pakistan from the UK declined.

The report from the wing further added that the increased demand in the UK was based on several items including home textile, apparel, and other related items.

More items included food and beverage products like cereals, vinegar, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.

Where the above items witnessed an increase in the demand compared to the previous year, some items observed a low demand. Those items included; leather products, toys, games, sports requisites, and some fruits.

In addition to this, the wing also shared the data from the period between July-September 2020-21. During this period the total export was recorded to be USD 465 million which was USD 414 million during the same period in 2019.

As for imports, the period between July-September 2020-21 recorded a value of USD 152 million which was USD 168 million during the same period in 2019.

The overall results of the trade between the two friendly countries are in favor of Pakistan. If this keeps on going, the economy would get a further boost and an improvement in the rupee value.

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