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Export Of Pakistani Rickshaws In Japan

We are all aware about Pakistan importing cars from Japan. The big news is that Japan is now importing rickshaws from Pakistan.  The three-wheeler rickshaws of Pakistan are now exported to Japan.

Sazgar Engineering is the local Pakistani company that is exporting its famous 4-Stroke CNG auto rickshaws to Japan.

Japan is a country that itself has a strong automobile industry. Japan has such an established market that exporting rickshaws from Pakistan is quite astonishing.

The citizens of Japan use these rickshaws for entertainment and leisure purposes.

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Vehicles are made all around the world, but the special kind of colorful trucks and traditional rickshaws are uniqueness of Pakistan as per the Sazgar Engineering sales head Ismail. So these rickshaws are gaining popularity in Japan due to their unique attraction.

Road safety is extremely important in Japan. These rickshaws do adhere to the standards of  road safety in Japan. So the rickshaws are road legal and they can be used on highways, Ismail further added.