Explorer tabs and Outlook for the Windows 11 update to come in October

Not all expected features made it into the new Windows 11 2022 Update. Microsoft, therefore, intends to follow up in October. Upgrading Explorer with tabs, taskbar overflow, and an improved Photos app is on the official plan. Windows 11 22H2 provides the long-awaited fine-tuning of the operating system and yet not all construction sites could be completed by the release date on September 20th.

Insiders speculated in advance that the Redmond-based company wanted to submit missing functions via so-called “Moment” updates. Microsoft is now also confirming an “additional series of experiences” in October 2022.

Explorer, photos apps, taskbar, and more updating in October

Some of the new features of the October update include the Windows 11 File Explorer tabs, already available in the Dev and Beta channels for Insiders, which allow multiple Explorer windows to be organized like a browser. In addition, the Photos app update will be postponed to next month, which should further optimize the gallery function and offer a “Memories” experience.

Furthermore, the “Suggested Actions” when copying should only appear with the October update of Windows 11 2022. Marked telephone numbers or appointments can be opened using new quick options in compatible programs such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Outlook or the calendar app.

Last but not least, there are more options for sharing files and the taskbar overflow, which is used if too many apps are opened or pinned to the taskbar. Additional information about the Windows 11 2022 update that was released today can be found in our big Windows 11 special, along with installation instructions and a detailed video tour.