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Experts Reveal Why Google Leads Technology World

Dr Zubair Anwar—Head of Analytics for Consumer Operations at Google in Silicon Valley—California expressed that at Google, we are in the continuous mode of challenging each other’s ideas openly and that is the reason which has assisted us in growing to the top of technology companies around the globe.

He uttered these words on the two-day seventh International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICICT) on Saturday.

The conference is being conducted by the IBA’s (Institute of Business Administration) faculty of Computer Science at the city campus—JS auditorium.

The conference theme is “Information and communication technologies in everyday life”.

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Dr Anwar while speaking on the topic of “Power of analytical culture”  said that we discuss the ups and downs of every project and take inputs from everyone that assist us in making effective policies. He added that a lot of inputs sometimes make our job fragmentary but all in all it also gives us beneficial resources for learning and improving.

Google is one of the biggest firms in the world with more than seventy thousand employees and hundred offices in fifty different countries.

Play, Photos, Gmail, Drive, Wallet, Hangouts, etc are some of its most known applications.

The company is enjoying the present status only because of the carefully considered feedback from every quarter and with the attitude of continuous improvement—this is what the analytics department works on.

Dr Anwar further added that we gather the older data, diagnose the issue and then suggest action plans for much better performance.

Mathematical and statistical knowledge and techniques respectively are a must for discovering problems and their solutions.

He added that we prefer user experience over money making. People could reach us via email, chats, phones or tweet and can read our articles to learn the solutions to their issues.

The analytics expert mentioned that it is tough to change the habits hence, Google focuses on employing the right individuals and then spends time on it.

Speaking about the open discussion culture in the United States Classroom he said that we encourage our students to ask good questions.

Dr Arshad Ali—Executive Director of HEC (Higher Education Commission) who was also the chief guest of the conference said that before beginning it is important to discuss what we have achieved and how we have changed from the last conference.

He said that targets need to be fixed for this conference too. And added that it is impossible to prosper and grow unless previous successes are examined, and new goals are set.

Relating inventions in Pakistan he said that technology needs to be invented at home and said that it is important to know whether our invented technologies are solving the issues and are meeting expectations.

Regarding HEC’s role, he added that yearly rupees 1.5 billion amount is allotted for the national research programme. This year only four thousand proposals were received and now the selection is underway.

Dr Farrukh Iqbal—IBA’s Dean and Director welcomes the speakers, guests and the students and mentioned that ICICT is held every two years. The conference is recognized internationally and hosts speakers from worldwide.

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