Expected Road Block in Islamabad/Rawalpindi Starting From Today

Leaders and followers of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) have started a long-march towards the Parliament House in Islamabad’s Red Zone. The aim of the march is to summarize their demands to merge FATA with KPK. They will march to Islamabad via Peshawar where they will hold sit-ins on Jamil Chowk in Peshawar and several other locations. After Peshawar they will conduct protest at the Shobra Chowk in Peshawar. Also another protest at the Khairabad Bridge is expected.

Just a couple of weeks back Islamabad witnessed the most horrific road block for weeks. Now it is expected that the same situation is to repeat in the federal capital of Pakistan.

As the rally will hold its sit-in in one of the most crowded places of Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Faizabad thus we can expect a nightmare situation for the commuters. Expressway and IJP roads will be completely off-bounds for travelers.

It is expected that at least for three days the protest will continue until the government listens to their demands.

Imran Khan has also repeatedly demanded the merger of KPK and FATA as he said that if it is not done FATA will remain unmerged for another 5 years.

Political issues aside, the public of Islamabad/Rawalpindi has been suffering from traffic blockage for months now.  Earlier Islamist Groups protested in Islamabad and after weeks the government surrendered to their demands. If the government is to surrender yet again, why trouble the general public?

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