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What To Expect On 14th August 2017?

This year would mark 70th Independence year for Pakistan. 70 years have gone by since we became a free nation.

We will share in this article what to expect on 14th August 2017 in development, entertainment, and business perspective.

Logo for 14th August 2017: Government has revealed the 70th Independence Day Logo which looks like this



Inauguration of Islamabad Airport: The New Islamabad airport would be inaugurated on 14th August 2017. This airport, developed at Fateh Jang would be the largest, technologically advanced and most modern airport ever seen in Pakistan.

Coke Studio Season 10: The 10th season of music, style, and collaborations would start as Pakistan gets close to its 70th anniversary.

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KMC celebrations: Karachi’s mayor gave the name to 70th Independence day as ‘Champions Ka Pakistan’. KMC would celebrate Independence Day by inviting Pakistan cricketers including Sarfraz Ahmed, Javed Miandad, Sikandar Bakht, Iqbal Qasim, former world squash champion Jahangir Khan and many others. City’s mayor would hoist 20,000 national flags all over Karachi as a patriotic gesture.

As we get near to the Independence Day more celebrations news, discount offers and preparations going on would be unveiled.

Till then we need to figure out what is 14th August?

14th August is not a day of celebrations. It is a day to feel blessed. A day to think back at the sacrifices made by our forefathers. A day to just inhale the fresh air and imagine what would life be like if we didn’t have what we have today. Being ignorant and just adding a flag to your face is great but making an effort to find out the meaning of that flag would be the actual celebration.