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Expats in Oman to Pay Set Fees to Register Children in Public Schools

The expatriates of Oman would now have to pay $130 for registering their children in the government schools, as per a new ruling by the Sultanate’s Ministry of Education, as reported by the Times of Oman.

Madeeha Bint Ahmed Bin Nassir Al-Shaibaniyah—the Education Minister issued this verdict. As per the decision, fees is set for the services given by the ministry.

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In the ministerial decision, there were thirty-eight services highlighted. Among the outlined services there was a verdict for charging fees for providing services to the non-Omani students who are attending the government schools. The fees for the services is set at $260.

Recently Oman made an announcement about temporarily banning the residency visa issuance to expats who are working in eighty-seven various job roles—in ten different employment sectors—including Information technology, media and sales, marketing, accounts and finance and insurance.

Oman like some other Gulf countries is undergoing Optimization project focused on managing the unemployment among its locals by giving them employment opportunities.

Because of this expats visa restriction, the rental business in Oman is expected to suffer.

Oman is a peaceful and serene country where people love to live. Last year it has also eased the visa rules for three nations which includes the tourists that are the holders of Chinese, Russian and Indian passports and are currently residing in the United States, Australia, Canada or the United Kingdom.

This step has been taken to boost the tourism sector of the country and would for sure be increasing its economy as more revenues would be brought in.

The verdict for expats to pay a set amount for getting their children enrolled in government schools would further be making the lives of expats tough, as education is important, and every parent wishes to provide the best education to their children.

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