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Excise Department Targeting the Cafes Serving Alcohol

cafes serving alcohol

The Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control (ET&NC) department is considering to give a tough time to the elite restaurants and cafes in the city that are dealing with alcoholic beverages in violation of the Hudd laws, as per the reports of local media.

These seven to ten restaurants are located in the areas of Gulberg and Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

Following the raids on the café Aylanto and Gai’s, the department has given out warnings to 250 all such other cafes, clubs and restaurants which includes the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, the Lahore Gymkhana, about the consumption of liquor on their premises.

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After issuing the warning letter, most of the hotels, cafes, clubs and restaurants started to avoid such activities. But, a number of restaurants still sell and serve alcohol.

As per an excise official, nearly 7 to 10 restaurants in the locality of DHA and Gulberg are still serving liquor to their customers. They start their business in late nights and students comprises the major part of their clientele.

The official claimed that they are keeping an eye on such spots and they do not want to raid them in a rush, as the raid on Gia’a was not done at the right time, and the department remained unsuccessful to catch them red-handed.

As per a café owner, liquor was a profitable business and most of the customers ask for them.

He mentioned that they are also not in for selling the item and added that the laws and regulations cannot stop the consumption of the liquor and owing to this kind of laws the people would shift on the alternates, which are far more dangerous than alcohol.

He said that a policy should be drafted on the sale of liquor by the government but this kind of enforcement would only create a depression in the society.

Zahid Hussain—the Excise Director-General said that nearly 10 restaurants situated in the posh areas were still serving the liquor to their clients. While commenting on the potential raids he said that the purpose of them is to control the unlawful sale of alcohol, not to harass families.

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