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Exams And Public Gathering Have Been Banned In Islamabad

The Federal Government has banned all kinds of ceremonies, religious gatherings, and examinations in the capital city of Islamabad the annual examinations of students are also postponed.

A new Coronavirus has also surfaced in Islamabad, a spokeswoman said. The number of affected patients has risen to 31 across the country.

Islamabad’s district administration has issued a new order in the context of actions taken by the federal government to prevent the virus. Under which all exams have been postponed while religious and social events and gatherings of all kinds have also been banned for 3 weeks.

According to the statement, the government has ordered the immediate evacuation of public and private hostels, closure of educational institutions, medical and technical colleges, daycare, tuition centers, cinema houses and wedding halls. District administration says public gatherings will be banned in federal capital until April 5.

It is also reported earlier that the government has imposed section 144 in DI Khan, the public gatherings have been completely banned under this section and the legal action would be taken against the violators.

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