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Every Transgender Will Now Have An Identity In Pakistan As Nadra Issues Them CNICs

The status of transgender individuals in Pakistan has been upgraded. Those who have no information about their biological parents are also issued CNICs.

Prior to this only those transgender people who had full documents of their parent’s identity along with attested documents by social welfare officer was issued CNICs. Many transgender people were not given CNICs due to this process as they didn’t have a valid document or they didn’t know about their biological parents.

Now transgender individuals can show their guardians those leaders of transgender groups who took them into care and thus apply for registration at Nadra. Their parents would be named randomly from Nadra’s database.

The step has been taken upon orders by Lahore High Court. Also, a similar rule will be made for orphan children who don’t know about their parents.

So the gurus who are already registered by Nadra will be taken as the head of transgender applicants. Moreover, anyone with a valid CNIC can become the witness of applicant transgender.

Gurus will be required to bring a copy of their CNICs and an affidavit form attested by a first class magistrate for this whole procedure.

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Also, Nadra has introduced three options for the title for a transgender ‘eunuch male’, ‘eunuch female’ and ‘unisex’ gender. The applicant can choose any of them.

In order to provide identity to the transgender community of Pakistan and to help them survive this step was taken by Nadra and we should acknowledge it.