Evernote might start imposing restrictions on its free users

Most smartphone users rely on note-taking and task-management apps. One of the most famous note-taking apps is Evernote, which is used by several million users across the world. The app is available on mobile as well as desktop operating systems. It can even be accessed via a web browser.

Over time, some companies, like Netflix and Disney, increased the prices of their subscription tiers and several others adopted the new subscription-based approach to generate revenues. The same is the case with Evernote. Users can access the app via the free account or opt out from the personal or professional account, which gives access to additional features like additional space for uploads and syncing across multiple devices.

According to some recent pieces of information, the company might implement some restrictions on free users in the future. According to TechCrunch’s report, for free users, Evernote is testing a limit of one virtual notebook and fifty notes. Currently, the service allows free users to have as many virtual notebooks as they like for storing and organizing notes. However, Evernote is hoping that more customers will upgrade to paid subscriptions as a result of the new limitations.

At the moment, the new limitation is being tested on a small number of users (less than 1% of users). If the experiment is successful, the limitation will eventually be rolled out to more users. Users will then be able to view, edit, export, or delete their current notes; however, in order to keep making new notes, they will need to pay.

The personal and professional plans of Evernote are available for $14.99 and $17.99 monthly or $129.99 and $169.99 on a yearly basis. Given the current market conditions, there is a 40% discount on the plans. It is probable that the service will keep offering discounts to attract more users if it decides to impose restrictions on its free users.

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