EU will help PTI government to bring investment in Pakistan

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The European Union (EU) Ambassador to Pakistan, Jeans Francois said on Monday that EU members are interested in working with the new government in Pakistan PTI and EU will help the PTI government to bring investment to their country.  

An EU envoy visited PTI’s chairman residence at Banigala and congratulated Imran Khan for the victory, they expressed their interest in working with the new government, the Ambassador, Jeans Francois said, the European Union is taking a keen interest in joint ventures with Pakistan in the fields of economy, security, development, and education.

The envoy clearly stated that they have no objections and concerns regarding Pakistan—Iran gas pipeline project, Pakistan can continue to make decisions that are good for its economy and wished for development and stability in Pakistan.

PTI digital transformation initiative to strengthen IT sector in Pakistan

The ambassador also said that EU is ready to help Pakistan to come out from the Gray List of Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Pakistan was placed on the Gray List in June 2018 which created worries for the country, after being on the list, the country is closely monitored by the international financial watchdogs about money laundering and illegal funding, However, China and Turkey supported Islamabad to come out from the list.

PTI Chief Imran Khan thanked EU envoy for the good wished and their support for the new government, PTI vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Asad Umar and Shahzad Waseem were also there at the meeting.

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