EU Sets Deadline For Smartphones To Use Only USB-C

The European Union has now announced a fixed date by which manufacturers must adopt USB-C charging technology for many electronic devices. So far there has not been a deadline, the Commission had only committed itself to the standard.

New phones, tablets, headphones, portable speakers, and more. must adopt the USB-C standard for wired charging by December 28, 2024. Devices that only support wireless charging are not affected. This emerges from a new announcement by the EU.

According to the decision, the EU member states have until December 28, 2023, to publish regulations for the implementation of the EU directive on USB-C charging. A year later, they must start applying these rules, which means that all devices covered by the new regulation must then use USB-C.

There is a Deadline now

The EU had already promised to bring the rules into force by the end of 2024 so as not to waste any more time. The legislation with its deadline has now been published in the Official Journal.

Proprietary Past

Apple had already confirmed some time ago that it would comply with the new regulations and equip iPhones sold in the EU with USB-C charging ports. Alternatively, iPhones could only offer wireless charging in the future, but that is considered unlikely. Apple is reportedly set to make the switch as early as next year. This is an interesting step, especially for Apple – because for years there were only Apple charging sockets.

Incidentally, laptop manufacturers are given a little more time to comply with the rules. Devices that have not yet been converted will have until April 2026.