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Etihad’s Installment Plan—Fly Now and Pay in Five Years

Etihad Airways is stirring the internet with its newly introduced payment plan. As per plan the travelers can take flights to their desired destinations and can pay the flight charges later via an installment plan, per month. This kind of payment plan was initially introduced by Jetstar who paired up with Afterpay and offered interest-free repayments to its clients.

Etihad has paired with PayFort, which is very much like Afterpay but only targeted toward the Arab countries. While booking with this UAE airline, very much like Afterpay you need to select the option of paying through PayFort. Then it would be asking you for the payment information like credit card details and the time span for the payment.

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PayFort gives the liberty to its users of paying back for the taken flights within sixty months. Sixty months is a big time and takes approximately five years. Afterpay was offering only eight weeks’ time for the payment.
PayFort’s repayment flexibilities of the period have opened a new horizon for people who wish to avail luxurious flights. Etihad is a five-star airline and also offers a Residence-Suite comprising of 3 rooms, it costs about £22,000 to avail it during the one-way flight between the United Arab Emirates and New York.

Travel could be an issue especially for families on tight budgets, this initiative would support such families and would let them enjoy and travel easily without the concern of immediate large sum payments, this was answered by the Etihad’s vice president of digital strategy and innovation when asked about paring with PayFort.

Presently PayFort is being offered only by seventeen participating banks and is available only for the inhabitants of three countries UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, namely. If in future it gets to be introduced to the residents of Australia it would for sure be a hit with people wanting to upgrade from economy to business class, especially when it costs $6,082 for a flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi and a monthly installment of $101.37.