Epic Game Store Client Increases Power Consumption

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As we all know that most players who use gaming laptops to play games are basically connected to the power supply and do not care too much about the battery life of the laptop, recent tests have found that the Epic game store client will additionally increase the power consumption of your laptop. 

This was tested by PC World with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7+ with the 11th-generation Tiger Lake processor but found that the battery is abnormal in the test results. PCW found that the Epic Games Store client hidden in the taskbar running on the Surface will last longer. Had a huge impact.

On a Surface Pro 7+ with an 11th-generation Tiger Lake processor and a Surface Laptop 3 equipped with a Ryzen processor, the flight mode was used to measure the Epic Games Store client’s open, closed, logged-in state, and offline state, Battery life.

After testing, it was found that even when the client of the Epic Mall was hidden in the background, the power of the Surface Pro 7+ notebook was reduced by 20%, and the background test results on the Steam platform showed that it had no major impact on the battery.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test, PCW later tested it on the Surface Laptop 3 equipped with a Ryzen processor. As a result, its power was reduced by 8%.

The test results show that Steam has no major impact on the power consumption of the notebook, and even after the test system is replaced or only running in the background, the Epic client will still significantly increase the power consumption of the notebook.

After PCW reported back to Epic, Epic said: “We are actively working on the performance of the Epic client and reducing its power consumption.

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