Entrepreneurship & Startups: Everyone Wants To Be The Boss, Culture Of Employer And Employee Getting Extinct

The word ‘Startup’ is getting very common. A couple of individuals work together on a project, develop an app, use Facebook to promote and bang, they have their own Startup established and operational.

You don’t really need an office building, resources, hundreds of employees and departments to start a business. You can become your own boss now just by having a different unique idea.

Hundreds of Startups are popping up so is the idea of employer and employees getting extinct?

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Let’s first analyze what is happening to businesses around the globe and how their structure is changing with time

  • More businesses, fewer workers, limited reach
  • More options for consumers, better offers but more competition within businesses
  • Unique ideas but lack experience and refinement
  • Risk factor high, as an employee your job is securer compared to if your startup fails, you have a lot to lose

Why is everyone starting their own Startup Company?

  • People don’t like to be ruled, they want to rule
  • Established companies & businesses are encouraging startups & promoting new ideas
  • Skipping all the basic steps and getting to the top of the ladder seems easier & better
  • Youngsters don’t want to be the part of traditional business systems

What restrictions should be put on Startups?

  • Startups should be controlled by bigger, established companies. So that even if the idea fails, the already established businesses can support the startup
  • Experience is as important as talent. Only those individuals who have certain years’ experience in the particular field should be allowed to start their own business
  • Startups main feature is individuality and uniqueness. If a company doesn’t have a USP, they should be discouraged 

Why is it necessary to put restrictions on Startups?

  • Not every Tom, Dick or Harry can run a business. If we allow every layman to become the boss, majority of businesses would drown
  • Even if you have talent and a great idea, you need years of experience to execute it. Gain experience and then start your own company otherwise it will fail one way or the other
  • Having your own business seems ideal. No one to answer and you set rules your own self. So it’s like skip education and become your own teacher. Sounds great, but are you up for it?
  • The Startups that are coming up every day, are they passionate about their work and idea or are they in love with the concept of a startup?

Everyone is encouraging Startups and this article is not to discourage anyone but to tell you that there is never any shortcut to hard work. Learn the basics, get into the traditional employment system, gain experience and then after becoming a subordinate, become your own boss.

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