Entrance To Crypto Without Investments: JumpTask Review

Stepping into the crypto world can oftentimes seem challenging, especially for those who know little about how cryptocurrencies work in general. There is generally no middle-ground approach when it comes to investing in crypto.

However, a new solution arrived, called JumpTask, which promises to provide an easy entry to the crypto market and all of this without any investments.

What is JumpTask?

JumpTask is a platform launched in early 2022 that seeks to create a marketplace for freelancers, making full use of the up-and-coming gig economy model. It allows users to do simple microtasks that require no previous experience in exchange for crypto rewards.

On the other side of the spectrum, it allows companies to utilize a worldwide workforce to complete their tasks more quicker. Big tasks that need to be done are provided to JumpTask, where the task itself is split into smaller parts that the users of JumpTask can then complete.

How to earn on JumpTask?

Earning on JumpTask proves to be very easy. The platform has various different task types that should cater to anyone’s needs. For example, there is an offer wall section where users get rewarded for doing things such as installing a certain application, registering for a certain website, and so on.

There is also a games section where users are rewarded for playing games and reaching certain levels there. Surveys, a staple of such microtask apps, is also available, where, unsurprisingly, users get rewarded for filling out surveys and providing information on various subjects.

The rewards for completing these small tasks are provided in JumpToken (JMPT), a cryptocurrency that was launched together with JumpTask. This cryptocurrency can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges such as PancakeSwap or directly via Metamask, for example.

How much you can earn per task varies greatly. It depends mostly on how difficult or time-consuming the task itself is, whereas more difficult ones tend to pay more than the easier ones. But since the variety of tasks is large, anyone should be able to find a task that they will be most comfortable with completing.

Earning without investing

Since JumpTask is completely free to use and pretty much the only requirement is having a cryptocurrency wallet, it means that the earnings your receive for doing microtasks is at a 100% profit. You do not need to make any purchases or invest a single cent in order to be able to earn.

This is a great selling point for this platform, as usually, to make any money using cryptocurrencies, you would need to make investments, such as buying one cryptocurrency, holding it, and selling it when its value gets higher. With JumpTask, there is no need for that as JMPT is being provided for the work that you do.

This brings us to another option to earn on JumpTask – staking. Staking is a mechanic that is greatly popular in the cryptocurrency world. In it, similar to putting your money in a bank, you lock a certain amount of your cryptocurrency for a certain amount of time and let the money grow for you. You gain an interest rate of sorts just for keeping your crypto locked.

JumpTask offers this option, too, with three different tiers of staking, depending on how much JMPT you have. Since JMPT can be earned via tasks, it is a way to earn crypto completely for free and let it grow further via staking.

Possible future of JumpTask

As you can see, using JumpTask is very easy, and it does work as a great entry to the crypto world for anyone, especially those who have little experience in it. It eliminates the risk of making a faulty investment since no money is needed in order to use it.

Also, it has a straightforward approach which can help many people understand the workings behind cryptocurrencies better (as the current landscape can be pretty intimidating with the number of cryptocurrencies available). This could potentially make JumpTask a popular starting option for many people on the internet.

Another future aspect is revolutionizing the outlook of the gig economy and microtasks in general. By creating a unified platform where companies can list their tasks for quicker completion, JumpTask may change the current landscape, which is focused on hiring highly specific workers for just a single task.

It would also reduce the popular practice of hiring freelancers, which could take a long time to complete a larger task, as opposed to hiring a worldwide workforce to chip in on the spread-out task and putting a combined effort to complete it together. All in all, JumpTask is indeed a great platform for those who wish to enter the crypto world but have fears and doubts about it. With no investments needed, it is a very safe option.