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Enlighten Yourself by Book-a-Book with Careem

When any firm learns the art of capturing its consumers’ attention now and then and provides thrilling schemes of different flavors it attains success, so is the story of Careem.

Guess what? Careem is back with another exciting offer for all the ‘book readers’. Tomorrow that is the 16th of October Careem is offering ‘Book-a-Book’, driven by Liberty Books. What you need to do is to book a Careem with the type ‘BOOK’ and you can take a free book back to home with you. But you need to leave a book in the car for another book lover who might avail the facility after you. This needs to be done so that the chain of book sharing could be maintained.

There are certain Terms and Conditions of this offer, which are:

  • The offer is valid for just one day that is Oct 16
  • Offer could be availed only in three cities namely Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi
  • Only limited cars would be available for this offer

This is again a good initiative by Careem to keep its users busy with something healthy during their rides and afterward. Book reading is a classical habit which is also getting replaced with technological conveniences of reading from mobiles, notebooks, laptops, etc. Reviving the concept of book reading and making people experience it is an appreciable act.

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People who love to read books would surely be willing to have this offer extended up to some unlimited time not just for one day. Let’s hope Careem may make it a part of its many experiences.

Anyway, if you are a bookworm and loves to pass time with books then buckle yourself and avail this chance. Avail and share books via Book-a-Book!!!!

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