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England reached the World Cup 2018 quarterfinal after 12 years

England after a long time struggling to win the World Cup has now reached the quarterfinal after beating Columbia.

It was a tough contest, England got a penalty in the second half of the game, which was quite a relief for the team in this pressure game. Harry Kane’s penalty was ruined when the Columbian header was deflected by England’s player straight into the goal.

England first hoped to win the game when the matched crossed 90 minutes, within the last couple of minutes Columbia scored to come back in the game, it was never easy to win the game in the ‘round of 16’ Columbia showed it to 1966s champions.

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Harry Kane’s penalty wasn’t going to make a real difference for England, both the teams have missed really close goals which made the game more interesting and breathtaking. Both struggled during the two halves of extra time to score one way or another but all in vain.

Finally, the time came for penalties; Columbia took the first shot at goal and scored, similar treatment came from England side. England’s fans were in trauma when the third penalty was missed by their striker, but Columbian striker hit the post on 4th shootout which brought the hopes back for England, the 4th penalty was crucial, England must score this in order to stay in the game which they did.

Now the final shootout, a great save by England’s goalkeeper put England at the winning position, the last penalty had a mountain like pressure on the shoulders of Eric Dier, but he hasn’t done any mistake to take the team to quarterfinals, scored and saved the team for the next contest.

England would play quarterfinal with Sweden on Saturday, while Uruguay will take on France, Brazil with Belgium and Croatia with Russia.