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England Cricket Team Might Visit Pakistan for a Series

The return of international cricket in Pakistan is highly attributed to Pakistan Super League. The successful hosting of final PSL matches in Pakistan is a huge achievement of Pakistan Cricket Board. Also after the amazing West Indies series in Pakistan, now the cricket fans and players are hopeful for more international cricket in Pakistan.

Now we are hoping that England Cricket Team will visit Pakistan for a series as the Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has sent an official invitation to the England Cricket Board (ECB) urging them to play a series in Pakistan.

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The invitation was sent to the UK High Commissioner to Pakistan, Thomas Drew. The commissioner was informed about the improving security conditions in Pakistan and the steps government has taken to eradicate terrorism from the country.

The Interior Minister said that now the international cricket authorities and management must notice the efforts made by Pakistan to remove terrorism and develop Pakistan into a safe & secure place for all.

He said, “The successful holding of the cricket matches in Pakistan is a clear proof that we have defeated terrorism and extremism.”

Pakistan has a two-match Test series against England soon. And the Pakistani officials hope to invite England team to Pakistan at the conclusion of the series.

It is important that teams like England, Australia do come for international cricket series in Pakistan as they are ranked among the top teams in the world. It will be a huge moment for Pakistan if England cricket team visits Pakistan for a series.

At the inaugural session of Pakistan’s first International Counter-Terrorism Forum Ahsan Iqbal said, “The international community will have to understand that what Pakistan is facing today is largely due to the failure of the world powers to discharge their obligations in the region.”

He said that incidents that occurred in Pakistan in the past must be solved through a joint effort on a global level. For that nations should “pool resources to bring peace to this region that has suffered for so long.”