End Of Stadia: Google Now Starts Refunds


After the end of the cloud gaming service Stadia , Google is now starting with the promised refunds for hardware, games and add-on content. According to the updated FAQ, the transfer back to customers will take several weeks or even months.

At the end of September, Google confirmed that it was shutting down the Stadia game streaming platform, which had been struggling for a long time. On January 18, 2023, the servers will be shut down permanently. The company deals relatively fairly with its customers who have invested their money in hardware bundles, controllers, games or DLCs over the past few years. Apart from the subscription fees for the Stadia Pro membership, Google will reimburse almost all costs.

Refunds could take 2 months

Refunds are to be processed immediately, according to an updated FAQ. Efforts are being made to automatically process the return transaction via the Stadia Store and Google Store, with the refund being made via the original means of payment. If this is not possible in some cases, customers will be notified by email to select an alternative refund method.

Can I get a refund? What exactly is reimbursed? ” Google offers refunds for all Stadia hardware purchases (Stadia Controller, Founder’s Edition, Premiere Edition and ‘Google TV for Play and Watch’ set) made from the Google Store and for software purchases (games and add-ons ) through the Stadia Store. Refunds are not available for Stadia Pro subscriptions. However, you can continue playing your games in Stadia Pro until the shutdown date at no additional cost. “

Google also states that any in-game currency purchased through the Stadia Store will also be refunded. Finally, all pre-orders placed will be canceled and the cost of a Stadia Pro membership will no longer be charged as of September 29, 2022. All refunds should be processed by January 18, 2023 at the latest.