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End in lockdown will cause more trouble for the country

The doctors all over the country warn the federal government that the decision of ending the lockdown can cause a spike in the COVID-19 infections in the country.

A renowned scientist Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman told the anchorperson Nadeem Malik that the coronavirus cases will rise more if the lockdown ends.

According to him, the decision of opening different essential industries can only get succeeded if the people working in those industries maintain social distance and also keep on wearing masks.

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Dr.Rehman clearly said that God Forbid if the virus spreads rapidly then the lockdown needs to be imposed again and much more intensified then before.

The lockdown will be relaxed on Saturday by the government, as announced Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Dr. Saeed Khan a virologist at Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi also stated that through this decision he sees destruction without any doubt.

Another Doctor, a renowned Hematologist and the head of the National Institute of Blood diseases Dr. Tahir Shamsi said that when the Prime Minister was announcing the end of lockdown, he could only see the teary face of the Italian Prime Minister during the speech.

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