Encrypted chats will be rolled out on Messenger

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Two main amendments regarding the Messenger app were announced by Meta. One of which will be quite beneficial for users as the platform will be providing encrypted chats. Other than that, the Messenger Lite app will be diminished.

Encrypted chats will be rolled out on Facebook messenger

By the end of this year, the business will have finished rolling out end-to-end encryption throughout Messenger. The standard was initially made available to some users roughly a year ago.

The transition, according to Meta, was “an incredibly complex and challenging engineering puzzle” and was not simple. However, the move is very appreciated because all messaging services ought to be end-to-end encrypted.

Well, discussions are essentially completely safe when they are end-to-end encrypted. They cannot be overheard or intercepted by anyone. Well, even the police are unable to locate them.

Your Messenger communication history will also be encrypted; this is important to note. When the rollout is complete, Messenger will eventually reach the same level as WhatsApp and other platforms.

Messenger lite will be completely wiped off

But it doesn’t stop there. The Messenger Lite app’s demise was also announced by Meta. Since 2016, this app has been accessible on Android; however, Meta has since chosen to discontinue it.

The app will be discontinued in September, which is next month. If you’re curious, the precise date is September 18. But don’t worry, everything will still be accessible in (normal) Messenger, so your conversation history is safe.

In fact, if you go to the Play Store right now and search for that app, you won’t find it. Unless you previously installed it, it isn’t accessible anymore. In other words, it is hidden from new users.

Meta did not elaborate on the context of this. However, given that smartphones today are powerful enough to run the standard Messenger software, we are assuming that the business intends to reduce the number of products it offers.

It’s also important to note that Meta plans to stop supporting SMS in Messenger; this change will happen the following month. That was just recently announced.