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Employment in Pakistan is Now Up on the Rise

employment in pakistan

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), installments of new power plants, political stability, and reduction in terrorism – these are few of the indicators showing a growth in employment in Pakistan.

2014-15, the Year of Decline in Employment in Pakistan

Jobs have always been a concern for the growing youth. This one concern could bring a huge impact in an individual’s life. And if the gap isn’t filled properly, it could throw the economy of a country from top to bottom.

Talking about employment in Pakistan, we’ve been seeing a continuous mess. The graph shows a steady decline for the last 13 years. And this graph shows the worse results in the period 2014-2015.

Going deep, the results told that the unemployment rate in Pakistan was 8.5% in 2014-15. The number of unemployed literate individuals is doubled the number of unemployed illiterate individuals. This is a matter of high concern.

The reason of this poor graph could be many but to name the few, below are some key reasons even you’d even find yourself:

  • Population is rising at high pace, beating the number of vacant positions
  • As of the low economic conditions, many businesses don’t afford to pay high salaries letting the job seekers wait for an opportunity which matches their desires
  • Unequal distribution of job opportunities due to many reasons

This is an alarming situation both for the youth and the country. And if appropriate adjustments are not being made, it would weaken the economic situation of Pakistan.

2017, a Rise to be Witnessed in Employment in Pakistan

Although much has been said against the current government, but the fact is a bit different. These worse effects have been carried forward from the previous government who also happened to face troubles during their own tenure.

The country, however, seems to witness an increasing graph as of the conclusion of CPEC. Not only it’s hoped but it’s expected to see a great difference in economic conditions of the country. The government, researchers, investors, and other influencers all deemed to take advantage of this one strong pact with our friendly neighbor, China.

From time to time, you’d read and watch statements coming from both the oppositions and allies claiming that Pakistan is now again pacing up. One such statement came recently from the Deputy Chairman Senate of Pakistan and senior leader JUI-F Moulana Ghafoor Haidri. He assured that CPEC will not only provide an opportunity to China but will (in fact) do more good to our own businesses, industries, and the unemployed community.

Now even when the media and opposing parties are talking against the government, this one step seems an out valuing element covering their wrongdoings of the current government. Once CPEC is fully operational, not only the local businesses will start flourishing, but foreign investors will also intervene to strengthen the economic situation of Pakistan.

This statement by Ghafoor Haidri is backed by Asim Amin, GM Design NHA. He also spread the air with great news that with the extension of NHA projects and CPEC a provision of new opportunities will come hunting the unemployed community. Although, highways and other infrastructural schemes don’t ensure a long-term opportunity as do the development of new industries. But this one step could lead to bigger steps in the future.

Even long before CPEC, experts proclaimed that PM Nawaz Sharif’s Youth Program has shown a remarkable growth in the employment levels. More than Rs. 17.6 billion has already been provided to both new startups and existing working community. This scheme by the PM has helped families to grow as they go.

Booming Stats to Promise Better Employment in Pakistan

All these indications lead to a stronger and better Pakistan. And adding to the spice of CPEC, the provision of power to industries and reduction in terrorist activities are all affirming signs that the economy of the country will boost once more, helping a booming stat of employment in Pakistan.