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Emirates Wins Best International Airline Award – Fodor’s Travel

Emirates has been ranked as the best international airline in the Fodor’s Best International Airline category. The Emirates wins the best international airline award by Fodor’s Travel.

Both Emirates and Etihad have won recognition in the first annual awards from Fodor’s Travel. For over 80 years, Fodor’s has been an expert in the travel world. Now Fodor’s has launched its annual travel awards.

Emirates has been declared the best international airline. Fodor on its official website said, “Whether you’re in coach, lie-flat business class beds, or a private suite in its first-class cabin, Emirates offers one of the comfiest flights in the sky.”

Also, Emirates was recognized for its supreme in-flight service and amazing safety record along with having one of the best entertainment systems. For the last 14 years Emirates has won the Skytrax’s World’s Best Inflight Entertainment award.

Another UAE’s airline Etihad Airways won the Best Airline for Blowing your Budget award. About Etihad Airways, Fodor’s said that it offers “the most luxurious experience you can have in the sky.”

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Adding, “Etihad Airways will give you the best experience that money can buy. For example, you can split the cost of an Etihad Apartment and make it a two-person experience complete with a sofa, full-size entertainment center, and touchscreen controls to customize the seat and lighting.”

For pets, American Airlines has been named the Best Airline as it recently launched Cuddle Class. For Foodies, Japan Airlines was named Best Airline as the travel experts said, “asparagus-wrapped prosciutto amuse bouche, a caviar appetizer, a filet mignon entree with scalloped potatoes and Béarnaise sauce, plus a cheese course (!). Breakfast features lobster eggs Benedict (cooked to perfection), roast duck, and apple chutney.”