Emirates Suspended Tunisian Pilot For Not Flying To Israel


A Tunisian pilot working for Emirates Airlines has refused to fly to Tel Aviv and has been suspended by the Emirates management and likely to be sacked for the violation of orders.

According to Al-Maghribi News, a Tunisian pilot of the UAE airline ‘Emirates Airline’ refused to go to Tel Aviv after which he has been suspended from his job.

The report said that after the UAE Airline pilot who refused to go to Tel Aviv was suspended, he was also issued a notice of violation of the order, while the pilot said that he was investigating the violation of the code ready to appear before the committee.

It should be noted that the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain had restored relations with Israel in September last year, after which Sudan and Morocco were also included in the list.

UAE started commercial flights from and to Israel in October last year, and Etihad Airways announced to operate flights to Israel from March 28.

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