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Emergency Alert—Another Heat Spell Strikes Karachi

Of many things Karachi is famous for, its heat wave is another topic that keeps the metropolis in news now and then. The heat spell of 2015 that took Karachi in Ramzan was severe to the extent that it resulted in casualties. From then on, the major city of Pakistan has been under heat spells of varying severity. The city experiences many deaths because of the heat spells.

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The emergency was declared in multiple hospitals of Karachi as the temperature increased this week. The hospital staff on leave was asked to report back to duty and cancel their leaves. These measures are taken in advance keeping the possibility of a heat-wave expected to hit Karachi as per local media reports.

As per the Meteorological Office (MET), temperatures are expected to rise along the coastal zones of Pakistan which include Karachi. The temperature rise is to happen in the next four to five days which would result in a moderate heat wave condition.
The temperature could go beyond 40°C in Karachi during the daytime.

Hot and dry weather is anticipated throughout the state. The heat spell could remain until the Thursday of this week, according to an official of MET.

It is advised to take necessary precautions to avoid direct sun exposure. Karachiites are especially advised to take care not to go outside during peak sun hours, try being at home or inside your office, also try keeping yourself, family and friends hydrated. If you notice someone dehydrating or showing any sign of heat stroke kindly assist them in reaching nearby hospitals.