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Elon Musk Says Tesla Cars Will Talk to the Pedestrians in Future

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The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk wants his electric cars to be able to communicate in future with the pedestrians. These talks would mostly be focused at either asking them to come along or request them to give way.

As per a video shared by Elon Musk on his social media handle, Twitter it would not be long before we could actually see the Tesla cars communicating with the people. The actual communication would be different and eventually simpler.

The video shows the features of a Model 3 driving past people and uttering the robotic message of making way for it to pass.

Musk says that Tesla cars would soon be talking to people if they want and that this all is real.

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It seems that this feature would be supported by complex artificial intelligence algorithms that would be splitting out the voice messages based on the objective of the car and the behavior of the pedestrian.

The initial iterations of such classy and smart cars might just have simple hard coded messages, however, it is possibly that with time, these messages would form the actual intelligent communication and that is all because of the advances in AI.

This service could be especially benefiical for the ride-hailing firms like Lyft and Uber, as it would be making it easier for them to gain more passengers. It would also be of interest to see this feature in other electric cars and even in the conventional automobiles.

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