Elon Musk Gives Big Ad Campaign To Twitter For Starlink

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter and the havoc he wreaked, the social media service has been running away from advertisers. This further aggravates the economic situation. Now Musk has one of his other companies advertise prominently on Twitter.

Advertisers Distance From Twitter

Shortly after the Twitter deal was completed, many companies announced that they would withdraw or at least pause their advertising activities from Twitter. They usually shared that they wonder if Twitter under Elon Musk is an advertising environment they want for their products. The background is Musk’s plans to restore alleged “freedom of expression” on Twitter – and by that he means above all right-wing accounts and opinions.

In any case, companies are and remain skeptical and this is a big problem for Twitter. Because the boss’s erratic antics are worsening the already tense economic situation – Musk himself admitted the latter in his first Twitter e-mail.

Twitter desperately needs money, and some of that should come from Musk himself. Because SpaceX, the Twitter boss’s space company, booked one of the largest ad packages available on the short message service over the weekend. The campaign, which SpaceX booked for a quarter of a million dollars on Twitter last weekend, placed Starlink at the top of the Twitter timeline for a day.

As CNBC reports, the campaign promoting SpaceX’s satellite internet was dubbed a “Twitter takeover.” For $250,000, however, you don’t get global Twitter advertising, but “only” ads for Australia and Spain, as revealed by two Twitter employees who wished to remain anonymous.

This advertising is quite unusual, because Starlink or SpaceX has usually not bought any large advertising packages from Twitter. It is certainly no coincidence that Musk is now having one of his companies advertised on Twitter – even if a campaign is not nearly enough to intercept the exodus of previous partners.